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Dive Diver Die (D3) board game

by : Black Dove Games

Dive Diver Die (D3) board game

BGC stock id : 3142
barcode : 728028042364
duration : 45 minutes
players : 3 - 5
ages : 12 +
designer(s) :
artist(s) :

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Description of Dive Diver Die (D3) board game :

“Dive! Diver! Die!” or D3, is a treasure diving game suitable for 3 to 5 players. Each game play will take place over 4 diving expeditions. The object of the game is to survive and find the most treasures (and be envied by all).

For each expedition, players have to plan the amount of oxygen they wish to contribute to the common oxygen pool, the depth they want to dive to, and the duration they will spend searching for treasure. The deeper the player dives, the more treasure the player can find, but the more dangerous the expedition.

Each player will take turns descending one depth at a time, rolling for Oxygen consumption each time a task is performed, whether it be descending (submerging), searching for treasure (gold), or ascending (surfacing). Once a player reaches their designated depth, they will have to decide the duration that will be spent at that depth searching for gold. For each duration spent searching, they will receive an amount of gold proportionate to the depth that they dive to. After staying at the designated depth for the entire duration, they will start ascending one depth at a time, while drawing oxygen from the common pool, until they reach the surface.

Players will only keep the treasure from the expedition when they successfully reach the surface. At the end of 4 diving expeditions, the player with the most gold wins!

Contents of Dive Diver Die (D3) board game :

1 Game Board, 2 Oxygen Markers, 2 Ten-Sided Dice, 1 Six-Sided Die, 1 Oxygen Die, 110 Cards, 50 Player Cards, 50 Event Cards, 10 Oxygenator Cards, 132 Tokens, 80 Gold Bullion, 30 Duration Markers, 10 Jewel of Zakarra Clues, 5 Player Tokens, 5 Player Depth Tokens, 1 Jewel of Zakarra, 1 Starting Player Token

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