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Dust Tactics - Assault Rangers Squad (BBQ Squad) [expansion]

by : Fantasy Flight Games

range : dust tactics miniatures game and expansions

Dust Tactics - Assault Rangers Squad (BBQ Squad)

Assault Rangers Squad

   no longer available

players 2 - 4, ages 14+, 45 - 60 minutes [ BGC stock id 3340]

Description of Dust Tactics - Assault Rangers Squad (BBQ Squad)

New expansion boxes for Dust Tactics will take your game to the next level! Featuring new tactical options for your Allied and Axis armies, these primed, unpainted miniatures will expand and enhance your existing forces.

The BBQ Squad expansion brings an extra dose of speed and brutality to the battlefield. These assault rangers know the definition of hit-and-run tactics, staying light on their feet while packing a punch in combat.

The BBQ Squad specializes in close combat against infantry and armored vehicles. Known for their vicious Shotgun blast, these Rangers also carry a Flamethrower to handle heavily-armored targets. But their most deadly threat to the enemy are Demo Charges, small satchels packed with explosives that can take out any threat on the battlefield.

Bring these new troops to the battlefield and decide the fate of the world!

Contents of Dust Tactics - Assault Rangers Squad (BBQ Squad)

5 Miniatures

Required (but not included)

Dust Tactics or Dust Tactics Revised Core Set

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