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Board Games
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Party Games
Dice Games
£5 or less
Children's Games
Jigsaw Puzzles
Gifts & Gadgets
Miniature Gaming
Murder Mystery

What is a board game ?

Our definition is : a fun, entertaining and often competitive activity that uses at least one board usually laid flat horizontally, with markings (images or text) on it. Elements will be placed on the board(s) during the game with their position on the board integral to the game. The game elements could be counters, figures, cards, tokens, pegs or coins to name just a few. Quite often, though not always, a random factor like a dice forms an essential element of the game, though this is often rolled alongside the board rather than on it. A set of rules defining the game play will instruct players how to set the game up, how to play it and the winning conditions or the end of the game.

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