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Humans!!! 3 - ZombieCon [expansion]

by : Twilight Creations

range : zombies board game, expansions and variants

Humans!!! 3 - ZombieCon

Playing with the dead!

£11.99 £3.99  In Stock
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players 2 - 6, ages 12+ designer(s) :
[barcode 823973022028, BGC stock id 4196]

Description of Humans!!! 3 - ZombieCon

Humans!!! 3: ZombieCon moves the brain munching action to the happiest place on earth. That’s right, your zombies have decided to look for lunch at the local gaming convention. Will you eat the CCG player? Maybe the RPG fan would be easier to catch. If all else fails, security looks tasty! So many choices!

Humans!!! 3: ZombieCon lets players explore a large gaming convention looking for more brains to eat or candidates to convert. This expansion also adds a new card type called “Personalities” that determine WHO you encounter and how much “fight” they have in them.

Contents of Humans!!! 3 - ZombieCon

15 Map Tiles (to create the Convention Center), 30 Event Cards, 15 Personality Cards, Rules

Required (but not included)

Humans!!! board game

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