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Hunting Party card game

by : Seaborn Games

Hunting Party card game

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players 2 - 5, ages 13+, 90 minutes designer(s) : artist(s) :
[barcode 689076962698, BGC stock id 1634]

Description of Hunting Party card game

The freedom to win or lose, based solely upon a player's decisions, is the hallmark of the German Strategy Game. Psychology, Utilization, Planning, and Multiple Build Paths are the foundation upon which this freedom is built. Sadly, strategy games are often slow and dry. Conversely fantasy games are interactive and full of character. Hunting Party is exceptional because it actually combines Fantasy with Strategy to produce flavour with challenge.

In each stand-alone adventure, players will become a different hero to solve the prophecy. As party leaders, players will try to hire the destined Guide, Seeker, and Fighter by bidding with shares of the King's Bounty. Hunters will also provide multiple abilities to manipulate the numerous game mechanics. With players' share of the bounty, they can buy items to increase their parties' skills and abilities or even make their hunters Champions.

Hunting Party is Psychologically intense in the bidding for Hunters, in the misleading of the prophecy, and in making deals of both cooperation and aggression. While Players balance the Utilization of their shares and gold, they must also use Planning to create Opportunities and Combos from their Items and Hunters' abilities. However, the main challenge of Hunting Party is the use of Multiple Build Paths. Players are repeatedly asked:

How Do You Want To Play ?

Will you build a large party, a cheap party, a pary of champions, a diversified party, or a specific party?

Will you focus on ability combinations, killing Dark Agents, or attacking other players?

Will you horde gold, horde items, or solve the prophecy?

It Is All In How You Want To Play!

Contents of Hunting Party card game

Cards (36 Hunters , 36 Items, 32 Dark Agents, 12 Prophecies, 4 Handicaps, 1 Shadow), 40 wooden tokens,, 30 'Gold' Coins, 10 'Silver' Coins , 4 pencils, 50 Sheets of Paper, 6 Prophecy Tablets, 1 Spiral Bound and Tab Indexed Rule Book

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