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Transformers 3D battle card game

by : Wizards of the Coast

Transformers 3D battle card game

BGC stock id : 1914
barcode : 653569269878

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Description of Transformers 3D battle card game :

Based on the film, with additional favourites from the Transformers history, the transformers 3D battle card game lets you take total control of your favourite Autobot and Deception characters. Crack open a pack and start building your 'bots or build them in their vehicle form, using the same set of pieces. Once you've assembled your characters battle away, because even though they're fun to put together they're more fun to play with.

Contents of Transformers 3D battle card game :

2 random characters (each on 2 cards), 2 stat cards (containing character and battle information), token card, game rules with assembly diagrams.

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